“Evrokanal” Ltd. has 35 skilled workers and specialized equipment according to the performed service 15 specialized vehicles - 26m3,24 26 m3, 15 m3, 12 m3, 8 m3 and 2.5 m3 tanks, 6 vans equipped with professional equipment for pipe cleaning, drainage pumps, video diagnostic camera and a robot for monitoring channels, excavation equipment for repair and replacement of piping systems.

- Specialized equipment for unclogging and hydrodynamic clearing of all kinds of pipes from ф 50 to ф 1200, for this purpose we use machines with pressurized water from 20 to 200 bar and up to 360 liters of water per minute.

- Combined machines for vacuum cleaning of wells, oil traps, septic tanks with a capacity of 2,5m3 to 26 m3. We pump out fat traps and cesspools on underground floors in shopping centers and supermarkets, with combined sewer cleaning machine with a height of 1.90 m.

- Video diagnostics with specialized cameras of pipes with diameters of ф 50 to ф 1500.Push camera for diagnostics of pipes with diameters from ф 50 to ф 300 with the possibility of review lengths of up to 50 m. Robotic remote controlled camera for diagnostics of pipes from ф 100mm to ф 1500 by recording continuous lengths up to 100m.

- Localization equipment for tracings of sewer piping systemic and localized direction of drainage and depth.

- Excavation equipment. – 3 multipurpose wheeled excavator, 1 combined excavator 3.5 tons and 3 mini front loaders.

- 9 trucks tankers with a capacity of 5 m3, 7 m3 and 10 m3 of water supply, cleaning of streets, warehouses, parking lots and more.