Clogged and dirty channels often cause local flooding and odor. The reasons may be different:

- Improper operation,

- Obsolete and broken pipes

- Layering of solid waste and fat

- Incorrect installation.

Periodic prophylactic (cleaning) of piping systems reduces the risk of clogging and resulting unpleasant consequences.

  The company "Evrokanal" Ltd. has 15 specialized vehicles for sewage cleaning - with 26 m3, 24 m3, 15 m3, 12 m3, 8 m3 and 2.5 cc tanks, 6 vans equipped with professional equipment and machines for unclogging sewer pipes with diameters of ø 50 to ø 1200. For this purpose we use combined machines with water under pressure from 20 to 200 bar and up to 360 liters of water per minute of high-pressure hose with a length of 150 m. For unclog of pipes with small diameters like floor drains, sinks and vertical channels we use mechanically driven spiral.

  The company "Evrokanal" Ltd. is licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Water and is certified for implementation of management systems in relation with the environment - ISO 14001: 2005, implementing system for quality management - ISO 9001: 2008 and implemented system for management of health and safety of the work environment -ISO 18001: 2007.