­­"Evrokanal" Ltd. has 35 skilled workers and 15 specialized machines for cleaning of sewer cesspit. The trucks equipped with vacuum pumps and tanks, with dirty water capacity of 26 m3, 15 m3, 12 m3, 10 m3 and 25 m3. Various types and sizes machines allow cleaning of different sizes cesspits with difficult access and distance from the streets. All trucks are with combined equipment which allows vacuum cleaning of cesspits combined with pressure water for deposits and hard formations .The smallest tank truck with 2,5m3 tank has a height of 1.90 meters which allows access to the underground floors of shopping centers and office buildings to pump fat traps.

With our vacuum cleaning trucks we clean septic tanks, oil grease traps, treatment plants, bio swimming pools, tanks, cesspools, separators and etc. Company "Evrokanal" has existing contracts for the cleaning of septic tanks and cesspools with “Petrol”, “Lukoil” Bulgaria Ltd, Government Company "Hazardous waste", “HIT” hypermarkets ,supermarkets “Fantastico”,and BILLA.

"Evrokanal" Ltd is licensed from the Ministry of Environment and Water with document №12-RD-1454-00 of 11/11/2015 for implementation of activities as collection and transportation of waste throughout the country, according to Article 12, Paragraph 2, l. 3 and in accordance with Article 1, l.41 and l.43 from the Waste management law in Republic of Bulgaria. The company has contract with "Sofiyska Voda" for drainage and treatment of wastewaters. “Evrokanal” is certified and has issued the following international certificates:

-A Certificate ISO 14001: 2005 - Integrating management system in relation to the environment

-A Certificate to ISO 9001: 2008 - implement a system of quality management

-A Certificate ISO 18001: 2007 - a system for managing health and safety in the workplace