The company "Evrokanal" Ltd. was founded in 2006 with main activity construction and maintenance of water and sewage networks, pipe cleaning, prevention video diagnostic of pipes, cleaning fat traps and grease pits.

The company's activity covers:

1. Cleaning, prevention and washing cesspits / septic / pits.

2. Washing of streets, halls, riding grounds and facilities.

3. Supply of water.

4. Cleaning fat traps in commercial centers, office buildings, supermarkets, car washes, garages, industrial plants, factories, shops, petrol stations, etc .;

5. Cleaning, prevention and maintenance of sewerage systems of concrete production plants and others similar sites where concrete sludge and solid waste accumulate and hardening the sewage network;

6. Clean the bio pools and water treatment plants.

7. Clean any kind of pipes from ф 50 to ф 1200 for this purpose we use machines with pressurized water from 20 to 200 bar and up to 360 liters of water per minute.

8. Prophylactic of manholes and sewage networks.

9. Cleaning roots in channels - with special treatment and method of cutting sprout roots channels.

10. Video diagnostics with specialized cameras for pipes with diameters of ф50 to ф1500

The company has 35 skilled workers and equipment according to the activity - 15 specialized vehicles - 26m3,24m3, 15 m3, 12 m3, 8 m3 and 2.5 m3 tanks, 6 vans equipped with professional equipment cleaning pipes, drainage pumps, video diagnostics camera and a robot for monitoring pipes, excavation equipment for repair and replacement of piping systems.

Company “Euro channel” Ltd is licensed and has issued the following certificates:

   - License by the Ministry of Environment and Water to document N12-RD-1454-00 / 11.11.2015 on carrying out activities in collection and transportation of waste (code T) throughout the country in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 2, item 3 of the Waste management law.

  - Certificate ISO 14001: 2005 - Integrating management system in terms of the environment.

  - Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 - Implementation of a system of quality management.

  - Certificate BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 - an integrated system for managing health and safety in the work environment.

The company "Evrokanal" Ltd. is registered in the Central Register of Professional Builders, protocol №0903 / 14.04.2016 for the following groups and categories of construction:

I Fourth group: construction of public infrastructure, hydraulic engineering and environmental protection according to Article 5, paragraph 1, item.4, Certificate №IV-TV007694.

4.2 Construction from second to fourth category according to Article 5, paragraph 4 of PRVVTSPRS.

II First group: high construction, infrastructure, electronic communications networks and facilities in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 1, item 1 of the Certificate №I-TV015773.

          1.2 Construction from second to fifth category according to Article 5, paragraph 4 of PRVVTSPRS.